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How to Be a Professional Home Tutor

Certain things are not applicable to local certifications

Have you ever considered being a home tuition provider? If you love helping children and have a way of navigating them through their challenges and to the other side with confidence and finesse, then you should certainly explore becoming a professional home tutor. The market for home tutors is growing very fast. The need is beginning to outweigh the available options of quality providers. There are many ways to become a professional tutor.


The obvious first way of becoming a professional home tutor is to get a college degree in education. If you have already completed your degree and maybe even worked for a period of time as a teacher or instructor, then you are more than qualified to be a home tutor. You could explore certification through a tuition centre, or possibly even work for a tuition centre for a period of time to get credibility as a tutor under your belt. While that will look very nice on your resume, it may not necessarily ensure that you are a qualified tutor. Although it likely does. But providing home tuition can bring it’s own set of challenges that would never be experienced in a school setting or a tuition centre. One key challenge is distractions from other family members. You’ll want to have an approach for dealing with this.


Another way of becoming a professional home tutor is to explore becoming accredited by a tutoring agency. Unlike a tuition centre, which provides tuition at a large centre where all students come to be tutored, a tuition agency actually assists parents with finding tuition providers in a home-based setting, either in the student’s home or in the tutor’s home. If you have the qualifications to become certified by a tuition agency as a home tutor, then you might first be assigned to shadow a home tuition provider to see how they navigate the home-based tutoring situation. This is an excellent idea for both you and the agency, to ensure that you’ve been taught in action. A next step might be for another tutor to shadow you to see how you interact and progress through the material with the child being tutored.


The most important thing to consider when exploring how to become a professional home tutor is to not make false claims or misleading statements about your qualifications nor your work background. As a home tutor, you must be trustworthy and dependable. If anyone were ever to discover that your career had begun on false claims, it could easily destroy both your reputation and your business. Additionally it could bring legal charges and destroy your life.


Pursue the proper channels and certifications that are required in your area. Consult a local tuition centre for guidance and assistance on how you would go about becoming a tuition provider for them. This will give you some idea on what certifications might be required by jurisdictional authorities. Then consult an agency to see what, if any, guidance and advice they have on how to become a home tutor. One last method is to consult the job ads and reach out to any entity that is looking to add tutors to their directory. Ask them what certifications and educational requirements are necessary. By exploring these three different avenues you should feel confident knowing whether you currently meet the basic educational requirements to become a tutor or if you need to explore further education. Once that first task is behind you, you will be able to confidently know the options that exist for becoming a professional home tutor. Now you just need to ask yourself if you have what it takes. Do you have patience and compassion? Are you able to help children achieve success with learning new concepts? Are you able to think outside the box and approach the learning activity with a multitude of strategies until you find that one that actually connects with your student? If you said yes to each of these questions then you have what it takes and should explore the good you could give back by helping children reach their educational goals.

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