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Perks of being a home tutor

As Singapore develops to become a metropolis, more emphasis is placed on higher tier industries. Hence, Education has been given top priority in the country. The government strongly emphasizes on a holistic education to ensure that its population is able to stay competitive in the global fields. Laws are also passed to ensure that its population obtain six years of mandatory basic education. Due to this high regard for education, the ministry of education also constantly look into the education system and refreshes the syllabus every five years. Schools follow a strict syllabus and students are examined at different stages of their education through major national examinations. In order to achieve academic excellence, many parents turn to tuition to supplement their children’s learning in schools. In the recent years, tuition schools have mushroomed and more families are engaging tutors. The growing trend of tuition provided tuition teachers with many incentives.

Tutor Appreciation 2009

Tutor Appreciation 2009 (Photo credit: farrellink)

One of the most important perk that propels people to become a tuition teacher is the promise of easy income. In the market, an undergraduate tutor can easily fetch sixty dollars every lesson and full time tutors can expect as high as a hundred dollars per lesson. According to recent statistics, the amount of money that Singaporean parents spent on tuition classes has soared in the last decade and more are opening their wallets to hire tutors. Most parents are willing to part with their money so as to offer their child a competitive edge in the rigorous education system. This will translate to more income for experienced tutors. Tutoring can also be an excellent way to spend free time and be used to generate extra income to supplement the tutors’ day job.

The Singapore education system focuses on results. The different national exams enable students to advance their studies based on results obtained. As such, there is a frantic rush send children for tuition order to either allow then to keep up with their class or to improve their exam scores. Thus, being a tutor means that there is no lack in tutoring jobs offered by Singaporean parents. This coupled with the high pay that tutors can achieve indicates that tutoring is indeed a lucrative job to go into.

In addition, tutors have very flexible timetables compared to the other jobs. Teaching timings are highly flexible such that the tutor is able to arrange lessons during their free time so long as an agreement with the tutee can be reached. As most lessons are conducted only in the late afternoon or evenings, tutors have the liberty to enjoy their mornings. Lessons can also be swopped in unforeseen circumstances where the tutor cannot turn up for lesson. This cannot be possible if the tutor hold a full time job in an office.

Tutors also have a higher job satisfaction when their students achieve their desired results during examinations. Tutoring can be highly fulfilling since it is a job that is able to benefit the people in our community especially when students who have a slower learning curve is able to improve under guidance and achieve their dream scores and keep up with their education. Also, tutors also can choose the subjects which they favour the most to teach and spread their passion to their students.

In short, tutoring is a highly flexible, high paying and stable job. Being a tutor means having the power to control one’s own schedule to fit one’s personal life compared to an office job with its usual 9 to 5 jobs. The earning potentials of tutoring also far surpasses most regular desk jobs and have comparable stability since there are no lack of assignments. Tutoring could be interesting since it involves interaction with many different people and hence keeps the job passion alive. It is a great time to be a tutor.

If you would like to enjoy all the perks mentioned above, register to be home tutor with Frankl Tuition, Singapore’s leading tuition agency with many quality tuition assignments.

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